Individual Impacts of Disaster on the United States

Individual Impacts of Disaster on the United States

Disasters is an inevitable truth of our life. In a state where there was a disaster outbreak, the victims affected are usually disturbed with mental health and well-being. The effects of disasters leave a negative impact on the affected people, such as mental instability, anxiety, depression, and more.

When unavoidable situations such as damaged properties, homes, or other valuable assets happen, it leaves a feeling of insecurity in the victims of the disaster. This kind of experience brings loss for individuals, thereby disrupting their way of living. However, the United States researchers confirmed that in most cases, the effects observed are mild.

Two major Individual Impacts of Disaster

  1. Emotional Aftershock

 Disasters are usually traumatic for the victims. Individuals who witness scenes of destruction and deaths of loved ones or friends can develop (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the trauma. If this is not treated with care, it can lead to lasting emotional distress and damage to the individual.

  • Health Risks

 Another effect a disaster can leave on the individual is a health risk. The victims will be forced to leave their homes and camp together in a specific area can increase the spread of infections which can be damaging to their health. Also, severe flooding may lead to stagnant water, which allows the breeding of malaria-carrying mosquitos and waterborne bacteria. All of these can lead to the deaths of the individuals even after the disaster danger has passed.

How to Recover from Individual Impacts of Disaster

In this kind of situation, the best individuals can do to help themselves is to go for crisis counseling or mental health treatment. The United States government has to be readily prepared because some victims, such as children, elderly ones, or people with existing mental illnesses, may require special attention and active outreach. Another set of people who may need special attention are the emergency workers that often work for long hours without rest.

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