More Than Your Average Hub

At The K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub, our commitment is to foster connections between communities and organizations while delivering exceptional results in three key business areas: Connection, Communication, and Collaboration. Our overarching mission is centered on Listening, Educating, Empowering, and Driving positive change within global communities.

Our mission is threefold as we strive to…

  1. Provide a comprehensive Hub for disaster-related information, resources, conversations, and ideas to safeguard the health and safety of marginalized communities nationwide.

  2. Provide a dedicated platform for organizations supporting marginalized communities to effectively communicate the availability of resources and supplies to the general public.

  3. Provide a digital space where organizations can connect, and foster the development of organizational relationships.

Throughout our platform, you will encounter a wealth of blogs, and podcasts authored by scholars, practitioners, students, and community activists worldwide. Each piece aims to deliver critical information, promoting awareness and preparedness from an unbiased and educated standpoint.

Our Services

The Conversation Hub

The Conversation Hub hosts essential and impartial content that challenges conventional perspectives, sparking thought-provoking discussions through blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. Authored by scholars, practitioners, and community activists nationwide, each entry contributes to a diverse and engaging dialogue.

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Organizational Networking on the Hub

We offer a subscription-based social networking platform designed for organizations to foster engagement, exchange resources, communicate within their service areas, and enhance their capacity to bring about positive change through education. This exclusive subscription platform comprises two key features: K.A.P.S. Organizational Connect and K.A.P.S. Community Connect.

The K.A.P.S. Organizational Connect platform facilitates connections between organizations, whereas The K.A.P.S. Community Connect platform establishes links between organizations and their respective communities.

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K.A.P.S. Training Hub

The K.A.P.S. Training Hub provides virtual, self-managed lessons to aid communities and organizations in disaster preparedness. The portal also offers access to professional development courses crafted to elevate organizational leadership and build capacity. Furthermore, community leaders have the opportunity to design, host, and monetize their own trainings, contributing to increased organizational profits.

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Workshop Development

The K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub offers comprehensive instructional support for crafting detailed lesson plans tailored to community workshops, science camps, and various other specialized areas, such as disaster preparedness, environmental toxicology, and asset mapping.

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Preparedness Coaching Session

The K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub provides both individual and organizational coaching sessions focused on disaster preparedness for households. Our assistance includes aiding households and organizations in formulating comprehensive disaster preparedness plans, assembling disaster kits, and comprehending evacuation procedures.

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