More Than Your Average Hub

At The K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub we connect communities to organizations and organizations to communities. On the Hub we deliver outstanding results across 3 key business areas: Collaboration, Connection, and Education. Our Mission is to Listen, Engage, Empower, and Drive change throughout global communities!

Our mission is threefold as we strive to…

  1. Provide a Hub of disaster-related information, resources, conversations, and ideas to ensure the health and safety of marginalized communities across the country
  2. Provide a platform for organizations working and supporting marginalized communities to communicate the availability of resources and supplies to the general public.
  3. Provide a safe space so organizations can connect while building trustworthy relationships.

Throughout the site, you will find blogs, podcasts written by scholars, practitioners, students, and community activists from across the globe. Each blog, vlog, and podcast seeks to provide critical information that brings awareness and preparedness from an unbiased educated point of view.

Our Services

The Conversation Hub

The Conversation Hub contains critical, unbiased information that goes against the grain to start debatable conversations through blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. Each blog, vlog, and podcast is authored by scholars, practitioners, and community activists from across the nation.

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Organizational Networking on the Hub

We provide a subscription-based social networking platform for organizations to engage with one another, send/receive resources, communicate with there service areas, and increase their capacity to change their communities through education.  This subscription only platform contains two major features: K.A.P.S. Organizational Connect and K.A.P.S. Community Connect.

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K.A.P.S. Training Hub

The K.A.P.S. Training Hub provides virtual self-managed lessons that can help communities and organizations prepare for a Hazard/Disaster. The portal also contains access to professional development courses designed to promote organizational leadership.

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Workshop Development

We are able to provide support and/or develop full lesson plans for community workshops, science camps, and much more in several specialty areas (i.e. disaster preparedness, environmental toxicology, asset mapping etc.).

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Preparedness Coaching Session

We are able to provide individualized disaster preparedness coaching sessions for households. We support households in developing disaster preparedness plans, disaster kits, and understanding evacuation measures. 

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Preparedness Plan Development

We support organizations in developing preparedness plans that can be implemented in the event of a disaster. 

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