KAPS Connect

The K.A.P.S. Connect Hub serves as a digital networking platform, offering a virtual environment for communities and organizations to Engage, Network, and Foster Collaboration within a unified space. This platform empowers organizational leaders to establish direct communication with like-minded entities, exchange resources, and foster collaborative initiatives aimed at bolstering community development.

Additionally, through The K.A.P.S. Connect Hub for Communities feature, organizational leaders can curate their own community space, enabling them to share organizational details, distribute community-specific updates, and offer resources, while community members visiting the space can easily report issues and initiate direct contact through the portal.

K.A.P.S. Connect for Organizations

The K.A.P.S. Connect for Organizations is a subscription based platform for federally registered organizations (must have a EIN# or state charter #)! The platform provides’ a space for organizations to cultivate new relationships with other organizations they previously had no access. The hub also provides a space for organizations to receive and share fiscal/physical resources with registered organizations pre/post-disaster impact. The platform offers registered organizations a mini-site so community members can report environmental problems, access resources, and directly connect with specific community organizations. Organizations can download reports of the issues entered by community members, add resources to the community portal and identify available resources needed to be distributed throughout the community.

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The K.A.P.S. Connect for Communities

The K.A.P.S. Connect for Communities is a FREE live public platform that provides community members with direct access to enrolled organizations community mini-sites. Each mini-site is directly accessible on the K.A.P.S. Disaster Hub mainsite providing community members with direct access to organization contact information, emergency response plans, distribution sites, and other disaster planning, response, and recovery resources. The platform also contains space for community members to report problems (i.e., toxic spills, environmental concerns, flooding, excessive debris, and more) to their respective organizations.

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